Member Mentorring Collaboration

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Member Mentoring Collaboration 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Do you occasionally have challenges, situations, or decisions for which you could use some expert advice or ideas? It takes more than just us as individuals to move forward. 

With Member Mentoring Collaboration groups, fellow members help you think about a tactical issue that you just may need some more ideas or resources to resolve. An extension of the generous advice, referrals, resources, and insights that the Women In Consulting Community Listserve offers, this is one of the included benefits of the Premier Membership level.

Individuals and businesses that would benefit from Member Mentoring Collaboration have:

  • An occasional challenge, situation, or decision where some expert advice or new, objective ideas could really help
  • A rush project or short-turnaround deliverable
  • Are open to and appreciate questions about finally being done with the issue
  • Searching for new ideas and an objective look at the issue
  • Enjoy getting to know others providing them the same support

Program Meetings and Registration Details

  • Cost to participate: No fee to participate, included in Premier and Executive Memberships
  • Number of participants: Open
  • Meeting details: Monthly ongoing, 1-hour meetings, held on a drop-in basis
  • No ongoing commitment 

Participating in Member Mentoring Collaboration

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Women In Consulting ~ Overview of All Mastermind Programs

Women In Consulting offers four different types of Masterminds, each designed to help you reach a different type of goal.

Visit the Mastermind programs overview page here or the individual program pages here: Accountability Teams; Member Mentoring Collaboration; Peer Board of Directors; Exponential Growth Circle.


Accountability Team

Member Mentoring Collaboration

Peer Board of Directors

Exponential Growth Circle


Getting Things Done

Problem Solving

Expand your business success Transform yourself and your business


Target Audience WIC members who want the accountability to get things done WIC Premier and Executive members who need an occasional team to help them solve a particular issue  WIC members who want the long term support and confidentiality of a peer group. WIC members who want to take their practice to levels they didn't think were possible. At the end of the program be able to say, "I've transformed my practice."


WIC WIC Peers Executive Coach
Frequency of Meetings  Weekly Once Monthly Every 2-weeks Every 2 weeks as a group; every other week as buddy coaches; 1:1 executive coaching session in first month 30 minutes - 1 hour as needed
Length of Meetings





Number of Meetings 6


Ongoing 12 as a group; 12 with group partner
Ongoing Commitment

Yes, for the 6-weeks 

No ongoing commitment

Yes, for the year

Yes, for the 6-months

# Participants 6-10 Open 5-7 4-6


Pricing is $125/6-week session

Included in Premier and Executive Memberships

starting at $300 per year

Introductory price of $2,500; discounts for Women In Consulting members

Sign-up process

Register online now ~ First come, first served Included in Premier and Executive Memberships ~ Click below to join as a Member today! Register online; first come, first served
Open twice a year in February & August to form new groups
Application process. Acceptance and payment; open twice a year in February and August to form new circles
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