Member Mentorring Collaboration

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Member Mentoring Collaboration 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Do you occasionally have challenges, situations, or decisions for which you could use some expert advice or ideas? It takes more than just us as individuals to move forward. 

With Member Mentoring Collaboration groups, fellow members help you think about a tactical issue that you just may need some more ideas or resources to resolve. An extension of the generous advice, referrals, resources, and insights that the Women In Consulting Community Listserve offers, this is one of the included benefits of the Contributing Membership level.

Individuals and businesses that would benefit from Member Mentoring Collaboration have:

  • An occasional challenge, situation, or decision where some expert advice or new, objective ideas could really help
  • A rush project or short-turnaround deliverable
  • Are open to and appreciate questions about finally being done with the issue
  • Searching for new ideas and an objective look at the issue
  • Enjoy getting to know others providing them the same support

Meetings are monthly and ongoing on a drop-in basis.


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