Women In Consulting 

Peer Board of Directors

You’ve got your business going fairly well and you’d like to accelerate your success. You appreciate building community with other experts, trading advice, and helping others flourish.

Ideal candidates for the Peer Board of Directors:

  • Want to boost their business impact and results
  • Appreciate getting perspectives of others on their business activities, goals, and vision
  • Willingly give their expert advice to their community
  • Understand how to build trusted relationships among a group of peers
  • Are ready to commit a year to contributing to the success of the entire group
  • Enjoy building connections over time with other consultants and business owners

Your trusted group of peers, acting as your personal board of directors, have your best interest at heart and share in the trials and celebrations of running your business. The group works together to help each member overcome problems and obstacles, allowing for faster and more effective growth of your business as well as receive encouragement to reach higher and achieve more.

Meetings are every two weeks for a year.


Women In Consulting