Leaders Network

The Women In Consulting (WIC) Leaders Network provides a peer group forum for senior business women and thought leaders—well established in their specialty—to network and collaborate with peers who are seeking greater growth and productivity from their businesses. These members typically face more complex business issues in building and expanding their businesses and benefit by learning from peers who have similar challenges.

Currently, we have two Leaders Network groups: San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Membership in the groups is diverse in functional focus area, business model and corporate structure. 

Leaders Network members participate in salon-type meetings on a quarterly basis for several hours in the evening over dinner. Leaders Network membership is based on various criteria that are common to complex, well-established businesses. 

What happens in these meetings?

  • Members present specific current business issues to the group to brainstorm, learn and gain fresh perspectives during roundtable discussions.
  • Members problem-solve around their business challenges and opportunities, enhancing camaraderie in the process.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are often invited to participate in the discussion, and members can solicit specific information and advice from the expert. This interactive format lends itself to a lively discussion on topics of importance to the group.

Application Process

The first step in applying for membership in a Leaders Network group is to submit an application. Leaders Network membership is based on how well your business meets the Leaders Network criteria, fit and availability of space within one of the existing groups. Once we receive your application, we’ll contact you to initiate the mutual assessment process.

Review the Criteria for Membership


Membership Dues

Leaders Network dues are $539/year and include:

  • Four quarterly Leaders Network meetings
  • Attendance at all general meetings and individual live webinars 
  • Discounts on satellite meetings and workshops
  • All other WIC Premium Membership benefits

WIC Members who've already paid their membership dues will have their Leaders Network dues prorated based on their anniversary date.

If you are a WIC Member who has already paid your Premium or Basic Membership dues, we will prorate your Leaders Network dues based on your membership anniversary date.

Terms of Membership

Leaders Network Membership is on a prorated calendar-year basis. You'll receive a notice to renew 60-days before your membership expires.

  • Memberships are not transferable.
  • No refunds on membership fees are given.

“WIC has been a godsend. Not only is it so helpful to be able to collaborate with other smart women running & growing their own businesses, these women have become good friends, too.”

Theresa Marcroft, MarketSavvy