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Give a donation to Women In ConsultingSupport Women In Consulting with a donation as we broaden our efforts of diversity and inclusion, offer supportive and educational online programming and networking opportunities, and continue to be a community that cares about your success.

Women In ConsultingChoose the level you wish to give and whether you want acknowledgement for yourself, someone else, or prefer to be anonymous. Gifts range from $25 to $500 or more—view the list of supporters below.

If you’d like, you may also indicate your top 3 priorities of those below in your support of Women In Consulting:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming
  • Free online community events
  • Networking events
  • Speaker programs
  • Satellite online programs
  • Vital operational expenses
  • Other use

Make a personally meaningful gift to Women In Consulting today and ensure that we have the skillful, ethical, and confident consultants needed. 

There are several other ways you can contribute. All of these are win-win-win options that help you, our community, and our organization.

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Women In Consulting

Kathryn Gorges, President, oh behalf of the Board of Women In Consulting



Women In Consulting

Many thanks to our Generous Supporters

Contributions of $1,500 or more 

Ellen Grace Henson, Marketing Mechanics
Bobbie LaPorte, Bobbie LaPorte & Associates

Contributions of $200 or more 

Kris Austin, KS Austin Communications
Anna Brambilla, The Entrepreneur's Source
Meri Gruber, Decision Management Solutions
Avery Horzewski, AVE Consulting: In Honor of all the WIC volunteers who keep WIC running!
Angi Roberts, The Association Office

Contributions under $200

Noel Adams, Clearworks
Erin Austin, Erin Austin Law
Marit Fox, Abundant Administrative Services
Celeste Bishop, Bishop Market Resources
Elise Brownell, ZephyrBiotech, LLC
Sandra Clark, LinkedIn Mentoring
Debbie Crouse, CW Training and Consulting
Caroline Drakeley, Drakeley Natoma LLC
Leif Early, Living Bridge Consulting
Marit Fox, Abundant Administrative Services
Angela Frederickson, Sparq Compliance
Micha Goebig, Go Big Coaching
Kathryn Gorges, Essential 3 Consulting
Denise Greenberg, TargetRight Marketing, LLC
Andrea Grindeland, Information Arts, Inc.
Lynnea Hagen, The Abundance Company
Julie Hawkins, The Biz Psychic
Jen Berkley Jackson. The Insight Advantage
Maureen Ladley, Ladley & Associates 

Lisa LaMagna, Generations Now
Gretchen Macdonald, Telecommunications
Betsy McGinn
Trish Millsap, Revenate Marketing 
Joy Montgomery, ReBoot Camp 
Amy Morgenstern, Blue Stars Admissions Consulting
Nancy Nelson, HRProse, LLC 
Monica Nester, Marisan Group 
Lucie Newcomb, The NewComm Global Group, Inc.
Laura Nugent, Artisan Consulting
Maria Pienaar, Pienaar Venturing
Kay Paumier, Communications Plus, in Honor of Gabriela Martinez
Kay Paumier, Communications Plus, in Honor of Deb Siegle
Maria Pienaar, First Principles
Angel Rampy, Success through Learning 
Dana Sanderson, Sanderson Studios, Inc.
Teresa Schnabel, DELPHI Consumer Insights 
Deb Siegle, Strategic Marketing Solutions
Loretta Stagnitto, Loretta Stagnitto Leadership Associates
Tanya Stanfield, True Believer Brands
Joan Stutes, Wealth Wave
Jenny Warila, CW Training and consulting
Norma Watenpaugh, Phoenix Consulting
Gail Webber, Executive Coaching
Ginger Weeden, Set In Motion Marketing & Media
Jiayi Zhou