Joining WIC Connects You to a Strong, Collaborative Network

Women In Consulting® (WIC) is a community of consultants known for collaborating and sharing best practices both virtually and in person. 

Being part of the WIC community allows you to network with experienced, successful consultants, participate in a plethora of educational opportunities, and gain access to experts on topics related to consulting and running your own business.

WIC membership gives you access to a wealth of business-building benefits. 

See below to compare the benefits and savings that each membership level provides. We hope you’ll join us today!

  Membership Benefits

Basic Member

Premium Member

Leaders Network

General Meetings $50 

(~17% discount)


(~ 30% discount)

Satellite Meetings ~ 15% discount ~ 30% discount ~ 30% discount
Workshops 10% - 15% discount 20% - 30% discount  20% - 30% discount 
WIC Community Email      
Best Practices Research Report      
WIC Online Directory Listing      
Mastermind Group Eligibility

$399 for first 12 months

$300 for first 12 months

$300 for first 12 months

Exclusive Discounts from Partners, including the Office Depot discount for Premium Members and above      
Leaders Network Meetings      
Annual Fee





Why Join WIC?

  • We’re crazy for collaboration.
  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Learn from other successful high-caliber women.
  • Enjoy camaraderie with women in business.
  • Participate in the peer group forum.
  • Gain insights and knowledge for faster results.
  • Get quality education/professional advice.
  • You won’t have to recreate the wheel.
  • Be a trusted advisor.
  • Make enduring friendships.
  • You won’t go it alone.
  • Be embraced—we provide “whole life” support.

Oh, and don't forget the great partner discounts, such as the exclusive discounts for Premium Members and above at Office Depot, and others.


Terms of Membership

  • Premium and Basic Membership is on a rolling-year basis. No matter what time of year you join, youll receive a full year of membership benefits. You'll receive a notice to renew 60-days before your membership expires.
  • Leaders Network Membership is based on a calendar year. Leaders Network Members are invoiced in December annually to receive benefits for the entire following calendar year.
  • WIC Memberships are not transferable.
  • No refunds on membership fees.

“A fellow consultant suggested WIC as a great place to network, meet other women consultants, and learn best practices. Networking isn’t something that comes easily to me, but from my first WIC meeting in 2001, I felt welcomed—and I’ve been coming ever since. A welcoming atmosphere isn’t the only thing WIC has given me—not by far.”

Avery Horzewski, AVEConsulting
WIC Past President, 2010–2011

“I joined WIC to become part of a powerful and well-respected women’s group and to connect meaningfully with other women business owners. Being a member of WIC has been an essential element in the growth of my business. I strongly recommend it to other women.”

Susan Monroe, Written Right