Joining Women In Consulting Connects You to a Strong, Collaborative Network

Women In Consulting

Women In Consulting® (WIC) is a community of consultants known for collaborating and sharing best practices both virtually and in person. Meet some of our members here.

Being part of the Women In Consulting community allows you to network with experienced, successful consultants, participate in a plethora of educational opportunities, and gain access to experts on topics related to consulting and running your own business.

SPECIAL NOTE: Until December 31, 2022, we have a special offer for you to take advantage of our fully deductible membership fee for your tax year 2022: If you pay for either a renewal or an upgrade by December 31, you’ll receive one additional month of membership as our gift to you.

We offering this renewal gift for Professional and Contributing members. And we offer this as an upgrade gift for Community members who would like to take this opportunity to become Professional or Contributing members. 

We are also offering Executive members the ability to prepay subsequent years of membership beyond 2023 (paying for 2024 and beyond) for $495 if they pay before December 31, 2022. Their 2023 dues would still be at their normal $539 yearly dues.

Women In Consulting provides four types of membership options.

  • The Community Membership ~ includes the renown Women In Consulting Community and Off-topic lists, weekly announcements, a basic listing in the Women In Consulting online member directory, and more. 

  • Professional and Lifetime Members are able to take advantage of the benefits of the Community Membership, and also take advantage of additional benefits such as the access to all of the Best Practices Survey Research, discussion, and access to the private social media groups for further discussion on how to implement these best practices into your business; access to the deep discount program offered by Office Depot and other business partners of Women In Consulting; additional event and conference discounts, discounts at events hosted by our Association Partners, and more.
  • Contributing Members is our flagship membership ~ Contributing Members of Women In Consulting receive in addition to those benefits offered to Community and Professional Members and also adds additional benefits such as the Member Mentoring monthly Mastermind-type collaboration groups, an enhanced directory listing, additional event discounts for special events and mini conferences, and more. 

  • Women In Consulting Executive Member groups provide a forum for senior consultants and business owners to network and collaborate (there are currently two groups: San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley-San Jose California). These select individuals typically face more complex business issues and benefit from peer-to-peer exchanges with other accomplished professionals, and an application process must be completed in order to join at this level of membership.

Why Join Women In Consulting?

Women In Consulting      We’re crazy for collaboration.
   Take your business to the next level.
   Learn from other successful high-caliber women.
   Enjoy camaraderie with women in business.
   Participate in the peer group forum.
   Gain insights and knowledge for faster results.
   Get quality education/professional advice.
   You won’t have to recreate the wheel.
   Be a trusted advisor.
   Make enduring friendships.
   You won’t go it alone.
   Be embraced—we provide “whole life” support.


And don't forget the potential tax benefits—Women In Consulting is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN #68-0486946. No benefit as defined by the Internal Revenue Service was bestowed upon this donor in exchange for your dues contribution, therefore, the full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible. 

We hope you’ll join us today! Compare the benefits and savings that each membership level provides.

Women In Consulting


Membership Benefit

Community  Member

Professional Member

Contributing Member


Speaker Meeting

Level 1 discounts; ~15%

Level 2 discounts;
~20% discount

Level 3 discounts;
~20% discount 
Satellite Meeting Level 1 discounts; ~15% Level 2 discounts;
~20% discount
 Level 3 discounts;
~20% discount 
1 Satellite Group
& Meetings
included for free; others 50% discount

Mini Conference

Level 1 discounts; ~15% Level 2 discounts;
~20% discount
Level 3 discounts;
~20-30% discount  
1 Mini
@  50%
Women In Consulting Community Email

Best Practices Research Report

Free access to Webinars

101 Consulting

of library

of library


Women In Consulting Online Directory Listing


with photo,
website link)

with photo,
website link,

with photo,
website link,

Mastermind Group Eligibility  $399


discount off
annual fee
discount off
annual fee
Free Peer Mentoring Group Eligibility



Exclusive Discounts from Partners, including Office Depot 


Special Events


Discount for Memberships for additional Team Members


25% discount

Annual Fee






Terms of Membership

  • Community, Professional and Contributing Membership is on a rolling-year basis. No matter what time of year you join, youll receive a full year of membership benefits. You'll receive a notice to renew 60-days before your membership expires.
  • Executive Membership is based on a calendar year. Executive Members are invoiced in December annually to receive benefits for the entire following calendar year.
  • WIC Memberships are not transferable.
  • No refunds on membership fees.

“A fellow consultant suggested WIC as a great place to network, meet other women consultants, and learn best practices. Networking isn’t something that comes easily to me, but from my first WIC meeting in 2001, I felt welcomed—and I’ve been coming ever since. A welcoming atmosphere isn’t the only thing WIC has given me—not by far.”

Avery Horzewski, AVEConsulting
WIC Past President, 2010–2011