Women In Consulting Resources

Women In Consulting® (WIC) has been helping women (and men) build solid and prosperous consulting businesses for many years. What sets our community apart from the rest is our generosity of spirit to share resources with one another.

Find resources here to help you build your business. Some of these resources are for members only, so we encourage you to join WIC to take advantage of them.

Community Email List, aka The WIC List

One of the very first benefits WIC offered was an email list where participants could share resources for building a consulting business. Today, this email list is the cornerstone of our offerings. Familiarize yourselves with the list rules, how to post messages to the lists, access the list archives, and manage email subscriptions.

See more details about the WIC Community Email List.

“Whenever I talk with clients, I know I have the expertise of the entire WIC community to back me up.”

Holly Brady, Brady New Media Publishing

Annual Best Practices Research

WIC conducts its annual best practices research, and highlights best practices and economic trends for the consulting profession. Access to past reports is available to Professional, Contributing, and Executive Members free of charge as a benefit of membership, so you must join WIC at one of these levels to receive complimentary access.

All survey participants, in addition to WIC Professional, Contributing, and Executive Members, receive complimentary access to the research report when it is published in the fall annually. Individuals who are not a Professional, Contributing, and Executive Members of WIC, or did not participate in this year’s survey, may purchase access to the report. Purchase the latest research report here.

Professional, Contributing, and Executive Members, visit the member-only Annual Best Practices Research page to access previous reports.


Search the WIC Directory to find talented colleagues to collaborate with for your project needs or to refer to your clients, positioning you as a trusted partner who has access to a variety of high-caliber business resources. All members are represented in this directory; depending on membership type, company logos, videos and other enhancements may be added to your directory listing. If you’re not a Professional, Contributing, and Executive Member and would like to have this benefit, you must join WIC at one of those membership levels or contact WIC to upgrade your basic membership.

Exclusive Discounts from Partners

WIC has negotiated exclusive discounts with various vendors. These discounts are for Professional, Contributing, and Executive Members only, so you must join WIC at one of those levels to take advantage of these offers.

Mastermind Groups

A Mastermind group is a small group of peers who share similar interests and goals on a regular basis through video conferencing or face-to-face meetings. Participants identify, discuss and solve issues that are occurring in the operation of their businesses. Your designated group members will have your best interest at heart and share in the trials and celebrations of running your business. Bringing together small groups of like-minded people, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, bloggers and business owners for discussion and support helps each member overcome problems and obstacles, allowing for faster and more effective growth of her business as well as receive encouragement to reach higher and achieve more.

Participation in WIC Mastermind Groups is limited to WIC members. The cost for the initial 12-months of participation is from $240-$399, depending on your membership type with Women In Consulting.

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