Women In Consulting

Sponsorship Opportunities

Women In Consulting now offers our members an opportunity to get visibility to our larger community using a native ad in our weekly email. 

This email goes out to almost 1000 subscribers: members, former members, and people who’ve signed up for our newsletter. Our open rate averages 20+%.

A native ad will look like an event entry in our newsletter and will feature a photo from you, headline, a short message, a call to action with a link. We suggest your link go to a dedicated landing page for our audience to improve effectiveness, and have the landing page make an offer or highlight your business speaking directly to the Women In Consulting larger community.

Ads are currently limited to just one per newsletter to run through a month (4 event newsletters). Pricing is $200 for each month.

Please complete all portions of the form here with your image (300x300), headline (5-8 words), short message (~50 words), your call to action with link, and the fee.



Other Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Contact Women In Consulting President Kathryn Gorges to compare the benefits and savings that each level provides or with any questions.

Sponsors must be in alignment with the mission and values of Women In Consulting and be of interest to members and their guests and our website and social visitors.