Check Out The WIC Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities within WIC that need your special skills, energy, dedication and enthusiasm. Please note: Due to insurance guidelines, you must be a WIC Member to join a volunteer team.

See Volunteering at WIC for more information about the many benefits of taking on a volunteer role in WIC.

Please consider volunteering with WIC. It is one of the best ways to increase your visibility in the WIC community, strut your stuff and build significant relationships with other WIC members. 


Seeking an awesome networker and top project manager to help define and deliver topics and speakers for WIC's monthly meetings. Contact Ellen Grace Henson, Director. 


Are you interested in working with the WIC Board to ensure we deliver the maximum value to members, and help drive a growing and broader range of membership? Please volunteer to be our Membership Chair. Contact Kathryn Gorges, President.

Education & Mentorship

If you are a strong event planner and want to expand your presence in the WIC Community, please volunteer to help develop and execute workshops and other educational content/events for the WIC Community. If you can help in either an ongoing way or with a single project focus, contact Kathryn Gorges, President.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

Interested in flexing your business development and networking muscles? Help WIC recruit sponsors and build strong partnerships. If you have a relationship with a company that you think might sponsor WIC and can help with that particular relationship or you are interested in an ongoing role, contact Angel Rampy, Director.

Volunteer Coordinator

Help manage the volunteer process and ensure all WIC volunteers have a rewarding experience. Contact Kathryn Gorges, President. 


Copywriters for various ongoing and one-off projects plus Web and digital marketing experts to help leverage our online presence and influence. Contact Kathryn Gorges, President.

Project Work

Donate a few hours of your time to WIC for a one-time project. There's always something to do!

Currently we need an SEO expert who can perform an audit and give us feedback on improving the visibility of the WIC website. Contact Kathryn Gorges, President.


Your Next Step

Want to join this dynamic team? Just contact the person who is associated with the team you’re interested in to learn more!


“I joined WIC to be inspired. Volunteering helps me give back and support the membership community.”

Ellen Grace Henson, Marketing Mechanics

 “Volunteering at WIC has given me such an opportunity to understand the back-bones of a well-organized professional non-profit board. It also has given me tremendous deeper connections to professional women who I truly respect and admire. Volunteering has been my way of also giving back the support that I have gained from WIC in building my own business.”  

Angel Rampy, Success through Learning