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BIG NEWS!!! Matching Donor Challenge for Virtual Food Drive ~ 2021

Help us meet our $2,000 goal and it will be matched, providing 8,000 meals to Silicon Valley Families
Food Drive dates: November 2021 - January 2022

The buying power of the Second Harvest Food Bank is phenomenal ~ and thanks to an anonymous donor, Women In Consulting's goal of $2,000 will be doubled!! Donate now to DOUBLE the impact!

A donation of $1 is enough for the SHFB to provide TWO complete meals ~ meeting our goal means 8,000 meals will be provided to families in Silicon Valley! Cans and other non-perishable donations are certainly appreciated, but you can see the buying power of cash donations. Please consider a cash donation and participate in our food drive.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley remains committed to providing nutritious food to anyone who needs it. THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal to help Second Harvest respond to the increased need and continue providing food all throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo counties!

During these uncertain times, your gift will help our community feel secure and stay healthy.



Virtual Food Drive Results ~ June 2020

Help vulnerable neighbors during the COVID-19 crisis | June 2020


As our community deals with the COVID-19 public health crisis, neighbors experiencing or on the brink of poverty are disproportionately impacted. Working families who rely on hourly wages are scared as shifts and pay are being cut.

One consequence of CA/the Bay Area locking down is our infection curve has been effectively flattened—that's good! But flattening it also lengthens it, meaning area residents will need to stay locked down for many weeks to come to avoid a surge in new infections. Area food banks are already reporting unprecedented demand, and it's only going to get worse as the weeks stretch on.

MANY THANKS to the anonymous donor who matched our contributions of $3,260 dollar-for-dollar, allowing us to meet our goal of $5,000 in donations made by WIC members with a total donation of $6,520!

Virtual Food Drive Results ~ 2019

Annual Holiday Giving | December 2019

In 2019, we were again for the tenth year in a row, awarded the GOLD service award. We are so honored to have had that much of an impact in our community!! We also had a great time at the food sort:

Women In Consulting Gives Back: Second Harvest Food Bank, Jan 4, 2019



Give to our 2021 Annual Holiday Virtual Drive